Connecting to windows targets via RDP on macOs

Hi, when using boundary CLI on a Windows client, it opens the remote desktop client and everything is ok.
But when I try to connect by my macOs system, it looks for the msrdp executable … and I don’t have it because my remote desktop app is installed in /Applications/Microsoft Remote
What is best configuration to do this? Or are there alternatives via brew utility?

You can use the -exec flag with boundary connect to run any arbitrary RDP client instead of using boundary connect rdp. Then you can use the template values (or injected environment variables) to pass the port to your RDP client per Built-In vs. Exec.

Thanks for your reply!
Do you have other tools that you can suggest me to replace official Microsoft client on my Mac?

Hey giocolas

I believe Microsoft have a app called “Microsoft Remote Desktop” which you can get from the App store. Not sure if this would work with Boundary :slight_smile: