Boundary desktop - open rdp or ssh client without copy pasting?

is it possible with boundary desktop app to start ssh or rdp clients „directly“ from. the list of possible targets/hosts??
i mean without the need of copy/pasting the target data (localhost:port etc) to shell or rdp client?


Hey @miconx

Thanks for the question. Today, Boundary will initiate the creation of a session to a target when you click connect on a target within the Boundary Desktop. This then requires you as a user to connect to that session externally, whether its an SSH Client for an SSH session, or an RDP application for an RDP session.

Would you prefer for Boundary Desktop to launch your preferred application when you look to connect to a device, or would you prefer for Boundary to have a virtual equivalent baked into the desktop client(similar to SSM for SSH)?

it would be nice if you could configure an external application to start for each protocol/host
(rdp / ssh/ vnc)


Thanks for the feedback @norbert.haigermoser. I will share this internally

You can use boundary connect ssh and boundary connect rdp with some clients.