Boundary windows desktop

from my windows desktop. when i try to connect on ssh target, i’ve got an error :
$> ssh 62777
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

even on boundary desktop client, session is in pending status

How can i solve the problem ?


Is this in WSL? If so, I think it should be ssh -p [port number]

Many thanks, you’re right

hey @tony.jarriault ,so what is the port no to be provided is it 22 or the proxy url port number?

It would be the port of the Boundary proxy.

how to run the boundary cli, as when i try to start it gets closed. Is there any configuration to be done

@akhila98 we recommend the Boundary Quickstart Tutorial for configuring and connecting to your first target via the CLI. Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. Thank you for your interest in Boundary!

Ya, I have followed the steps, but my boundary cli is not working, and also if we add credential store in boundary with vault integration where we have provided the ppk file of the ec2 instance, how can we login using the commands n also using the desktop, as the desktop implementation has username and password being used.

@PPacent I had gone through that, but there is some issue with the cli, its not opening itself , so are there any other options where generate the ssh session and get by target active