Error using CSI for waypoint server install

I’m trying to use AWS EFS for waypoints server install on nomad and getting the below error.

command I’m using to install waypoint server:

waypoint install

:x: Creating persistent volume
! Error installing server into nomad: Failed creating Nomad persistent volume: Unexpected response code: 500 (1 error
* controller create volume: CSI.ControllerCreateVolume: volume
“waypoint-server” snapshot source &{“” “”} is not compatible with these
parameters: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = Missing provisioningMode


any idea on what’s causing this issue?

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waypoint team created a fix for this and should be available in next release

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Still seeing this error when attempting to set up a waypoint server (0.10.5) using an NFS CSI volume

@dehuszar are you seeing the same error as @premkottu, or is it something new?