Install on Nomad with CSI EFS priblen

We have Nomad setup with EBS and EFS and my plan was to install Waypoint with EFS.
I have created volumes with terraform for waypoint.

nomad volume status | grep wp-
eu1-csi-efs_workload_wp-runner            eu1-csi-efs_workload_wp-runner            aws-efs0   true         single-node-writer
eu1-csi-efs_workload_wp-server            eu1-csi-efs_workload_wp-server            aws-efs0   true         single-node-writer
aypoint install -platform=nomad -accept-tos \
  -nomad-dc=$NOMAD_DC \
  -nomad-host=$NOMAD_ADDR \
  -nomad-csi-plugin-id=aws-efs0 \
  -nomad-csi-fs=efs \
  -nomad-csi-volume-provider="" \
  -nomad-runner-csi-volume=eu1-csi-efs_workload_wp-runner \
  -nomad-csi-volume=eu1-csi-efs_workload_wp-server -vvv

 ! Creating persistent volume
! Error installing server into nomad: Failed creating Nomad persistent volume: Unexpected response code: 500 (rpc
  error: plugin has no controller)


ID        Provider         Controllers Healthy/Expected  Nodes Healthy/Expected
aws-ebs0  1/1                           2/2
aws-efs0  0/0                           13/13

What to do?

Hey there @lunne ,

Thanks for the report. This looks like Waypoint is attempting to create the CSI volume which it looks like you’ve already handled via Terraform. Currently we have an open issue to check to make sure if there is an existing CSI volume before attempting to create a new one. You can follow along on github at Nomad installations should allow an existing CSI volume to be used · Issue #4388 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub.