Fetch new updates of a nomad pack from a custom registry


Does nomad-pack have any command to fetch new updates of a nomad pack from a custom registry?

When someone pushes a new version of a nomad pack to the registry, on my local machine, “nomad-pack registry list” still shows the old version of the pack, the one had been fetched since the registry was added by “nomad-pack registry add” command.

Am I missing something?

there is no dedicated command as such, but if you rerun

nomad-pack registry add ......

the packs from that registry will be (re-)downloaded

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Hi @zio,

@attachmentgenie is correct, in the current preview-release on nomad-pack you would need to perform a nomad-pack registry add <registry> to both add and update a registry.

We are keen to hear the communities thoughts on what additions should be made to the project, so if you feel we need a nomad-pack registry update command or similar, please feel free to open an issue against the GitHub repository.

jrasell and the Nomad team

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