Flexible Engine : Enhanced Load Balancer : How to bind an EIP on a enhanced load balancer

Hello, could you provide me a sample explaining how to bind an EIP to an enhanced load balancer ?

I try without success this:

resource "flexibleengine_vpc_eip_v1" "rest_api_eip" {
  publicip {
    type = "5_bgp"
  bandwidth {
    name = "rest_api_eip_bandwidth"
    size = "1"
    share_type = "PER"
    charge_mode = "traffic"

resource "flexibleengine_lb_loadbalancer_v2" "elb_rest_api" {
  name              = "elb_rest_api"
  admin_state_up    = true
  vip_subnet_id     =   "${data.flexibleengine_vpc_subnet_v1.private_vpc_subnet_v1_eu_west_0a.subnet_id}"
  vip_address       = "${flexibleengine_vpc_eip_v1.rest_api_eip.publicip[0].ip_address}"

  depends_on        = ["flexibleengine_vpc_eip_v1.rest_api_eip"]


I’ve got the following error when I apply the plan :

Error: Error creating LoadBalancer: Bad request with: [POST https://vpc.eu-west-0.prod-cloud-ocb.orange-business.com/v2.0/lbaas/loadbalancers], error message: {“NeutronError”: {“message”: “IP address is not a valid IP for the specified subnet.”, “type”: “BadRequest”, “detail”: “”}}

Thanks in advance.