"gpg: decryption failed: No secret key" - Boundary Learn

I am following the steps in this guide but I am not getting it to work.

i am using ubuntu20.04 server as my test instance.

here are the additional packages that I install:

sudo apt install docker.io -y
sudo docker pull postgres
sudo apt install gnupg2
sudo apt install gnome-keyring -y
sudo apt-get install -y pass

I run the boundary server as following:

sudo boundary dev

create the gpg keys:

sudo gpg --gen-key
sudo gpg --list-keys
sudo pass init xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sudo gpg --export $(sudo cat /root/.password-store/.gpg-id) > public.key
sudo gpg --export-secret-key $(sudo cat /root/.password-store/.gpg-id) > private.key

sudo gpg2 --import public.key
sudo gpg2 --import private.key

and authenticate:

sudo boundary authenticate password -auth-method-id=ampw_1234567890 -login-name=admin -password=password -keyring-type pass

then I get this error:

gpg: decryption failed: No secret key
Error fetching token from keyring: exit status 2
Token must be provided via BOUNDARY_TOKEN env var or -token flag. Reading the token can also be disabled via -keyring-type=none.

am I missing something?