HashiTalks 2023 Speaker Slides

This thread is a place for HashiTalks 2023 speakers to post the slides that compliment their talks.

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Slides for Replatforming with Minimal Drama and Downtime by Elijah Voigt can be found here on Google Slides.

How Terraform helps us catching bad guys at Sea - Hashitalks 2023

How to Nomadify Your Kubernetes Manifests by Adriana Villela - HashiTalks 2023

Hi All , Here you may find the slides here for “Creating a Agnostic Security Solution with HashiCorp Vault”

Hello everyone, my slides and code can be found here, GitHub - movinalot/hashitalks-2023: Terraform code for HashiTalks 2023 - Advanced Terraform Techniques 2/16 11:45-12:15 Eastern

Scale Your Cloud Network to Infinity and Beyond - HashiTalk 2023

Building Scalable Enterprise Secrets Management with GitHub OIDC and HashiCorp Vault

DigitalOcean blog post with more details about how we configure GitHub OIDC: Fine-Grained RBAC For GitHub Action Workflows With GitHub OIDC and HashiCorp Vault

Our open-sourced Terraform module: GitHub - digitalocean/terraform-vault-github-oidc: Terraform module to configure Vault for GitHub OIDC authentication from Action runners.

Self-service demo/tutorial: GitHub - artis3n/course-vault-github-oidc: Take this course to learn how to create fine-grained, least-privilege HashiCorp Vault roles for GitHub Action workflows using GitHub OIDC.

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Autoscaling Workers for Boundary - Ned Bellavance

My code and presentation can be found here: GitHub - ned1313/hashitalks-2023-boundary: Demo code for HashiTalks 2023 Boundary Presentation

Secure Developer Workflows with Vault and Github Actions - Kartik Lunkad


Using HCP Waypoint

Slides: Using HCP Waypoint
Code: public-speaking/demos/waypoint at main · mbevc1/public-speaking · GitHub

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How to Deploy Your HashiCorp Stack with Ansible in Under 15 Minutes
Slides - Code repository

Getting Started with Minikube in Vagrant

Is it possible to have the slides for the presentation Running Cilium with Nomad? Thanks

Who Goes There? Actively Detecting Intruders With Cyber Deception Tools

How to generate continuous Observability using Terraform

Code repository