HashiTalks 2024 Speaker Slides

Hello All,

It’s almost time for the 6th edition of our 24-hour HashiTalks. This thread is a place for HashiTalks 2024 speakers to post the slides that compliment their talks.

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Hi friends! Here’s my slides that I will be presenting. HashiTalks 2024 - Riaan Nolan - Top Gun Terraform Development Environment - Google Slides

And here is the Repository with the code, you are welcome to clone this down and come on the ride with me. GitHub - star3am/terraform-modules-library: A Mono repo for Terraform Modules, with linters, pre-commit rules, Terraform and Terragrunt integration all based on VSCode's Dev Containers, Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s day friends! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello there! The slides for my talk on “Mastering Terraform Testing” is available here!

The source code of all my examples is available on this GitHub account.

An accompanying blog post is available on my blog mattias.engineer

Hello all!

Here is the link to the GitHub repo with all my code!

Make sure you setup a private GitHub Runner in order to connect to the private cluster!

The slide deck is also available in the GitHub repo as a PDF!

Hi, Here is my slides I will be presenting. HashiTalk 2024 - Self-Build CI/CD for Hashicorp stack

Terraform Security - Google Slides here mine!

Operating DNS at scale with Terraform slides!

Hello everyone! This is Parnika Kaushik!

I’ve added the slides here, along with the recorded videos showcasing each of the steps: HashiTalks2024 - Google Drive

Thank you for joining HashiTalks 2024. Here are my slides.

Increasing Confident and Trust of Your Open Source Terraform Modules with Terraform Test Framework

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Here is the link to my slides for “self scaling multi cloud nomad workloads”

Hi, here is the link to my slides:


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I hope everyone had a good time at HashiTalks!

Here are the slides from my “CODE THEFT AUTO” talk.

Feel free to reach out to me:

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Hello all,

Please find the slides to my session about How to build an AMI Factory on AWS with Hashicorp Packer and Hashicorp Cloud Platform Packer Registry

Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn or to book a deep dive meeting

Hey folks! You can grab the slides for my KubeNomad talk here. Happy to connect with y’all on socials.