HashiTalks: Canada Speaker Slides

This thread is a place for HashiTalks: Canada speakers to post the slides that compliment their talks from Thursday 18 November, 2021.

View the schedule here: hashi.co/hashitalks-canada

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Terraforming your OpsLevel to 11 (Will go live after the talk)

Hi Katie,

Here is the deck: HashiTalk-Canada-Nov18-Shlomo-Bielak-Benchmark-Corp-V2.pdf - Google Drive

Hi Katie. attached at my slides.

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Slide deck for “Bringing software development practices to your infrastructure” - Bringing software development practices to your infrastructure

Code demo (also linked in the deck): GitHub - jennapederson/infrastructure-test-examples: Examples for testing your cloud infrastructure

Hey Buds,

Excited for everyone at the event today. Here are my slides.

Terraform and Shipa -
How to Define and Enforce Policy as Code with Terraform and Shipa

PDF in Google Drive:

Apologies for the Firefox-related technical hiccups! Please find my slides at HashiTalks, PR-based Terraform.pdf - Google Drive

Hey, it was great to talk here!
You can find my slides here: Learning Terraform While Building a Reference Repository of Code Examples

And here’s a link to the project I’ve talked about: GitHub - ContainerSolutions/terraform-examples: Simple and idiomatic examples of various Terraform functions and features.

It was awesome to get a chance to give my talk at Hashitalks Canada

You can find my slides here - The Evolution Of Managing Terraform Enterprise Workspaces

Here is the final result of my presentation for “Understanding Nomad Networking Patterns”.

HashiTalks Canada Fall 2021 - Transforming Sensitive Data at API Gateways

Hashitalk Canada Fall 2021 - TFC Project and User on-boarding Orchestration

Here you go: Legacy Services and Service Meshes

Sorry for the delay on this, here’s “Debugging Production Applications in Nomad using Lightrun”.

Here is the link Github Authentication Managed by Vault

Apologies for the delay.