HashiTalks: Israel Speaker Slides

This thread is a place for HashiTalks: Israel speakers to post the slides that compliment their talks from Thursday 2 September, 2021.

View the schedule here: hashi.co/hashitalksisrael

@katiereese317 I have sent you (for some reason Iā€™m unable to upload the file here) a PDF file of my slides - Migrating Vault from AWS to GCP (I would like to add some slides so I will probably add an updated version soon)

Hey, check out this site: https://www.slideshare.net/. It will allow you to upload the slides and then you can share the link here. Thank you!

Please see this link to the slides:


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GitOps & continuos infrastructure with terra* My slides from yesterdays HUG Israel talk

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terraformer my slides

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