HashiTalks 2022 Speaker Slides

This thread is a place for HashiTalks 2022 speakers to post the slides that compliment their talks.

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Here is my slide for

00:35 - 01:05 GMT

How to Build a Multi-Context Lab for Kubernetes:slight_smile:

If you want to upload this file, please let me know.


Here’s my slides for “Cloud Native Debugging in Production - Dig Deep into your agents”:

My Slides for Inspecting Nomad Events using Grafana Loki


My slides for using tfsec to scan your Terraform

Elif Mosessohn-Samedin & Andrei Buzoianu - Take Control of Your Data by Integrating HashiCorp Vault

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02:45 - 03:15 GMT - Upgrade your Vault using Failover

Hi! Building a Secure AWS Golden Image pipeline with Packer, Vault and Terraform session:

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Here are my slides for “Spring Cloud Integration with HashiCorp Vault and Consul”:

12:05 - 12:35 GMT

“How to Migrate from Vault OSS to Vault Enterprise”

Nomad the Easy Way - Creating GitHub & GitLab Pipelines in Minutes



Hashicorp Vault and Jenkins - Leveraging AWS IAM to empower a hybrid scenario

Hey all! Here are the slides for the " Automating Image Pipelines with HCP Packer" talk :slight_smile:

Additionally, example code and resources can be found in the corresponding GitHub Repo: GitHub - CalebAlbers/hashitalks-2022-hcp-packer-demo

Here are my slides for “Simplify Kubernetes Network Operations with Consul and Wireguard”

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Forget about DB credentials with Terraform, Vault and Kubernetes

Session on Feb 17 @ 9.05/9.35 GMT

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Patterns of Evolution from monolith to microservices

I will share some examples of architectures I had worked on and the patterns I had applied in the journey of evolution on feb 17 @ 22:05 - 22:35 GMT. I will cover also how Consul provides a good abstraction of the service discoverability allowing us to make the migration of our microservices to cloud.

Slides for
Best Practices for Terraform AWS Tags
Feb 17, 4:30pm EST

Slides for “Importing Terraform Resources the Safe Way”



Here are my slides for “Static Typing in Vault”, scheduled for 16:15 GMT.

Code used in the demo:


Very happy to have been selected this year, here is the link to my slidedeck for “Bootstrapping a Multi-DC Cloud Native Observability Stack”, scheduled at 18:25 GMT