HashiTalks 2022 Speaker Slides

Codify Your JWT/OIDC Vault Auth Method - no slides but this is the repo I want to share : GitHub - GuyBarros/terraform-vault-jwt-oidc: Git repo to unify JWT/OIDC vault auth terraform projects

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​​Nomad + Flatcar: a harmonious marriage of lightweights.

Slides: Nomad + Flatcar: a harmonious marriage of lightweights
Demo repo: https://github.com/kinvolk/nomad-on-flatcar


Here’s my slide for today’s talk : Zero Trust Security & Identity Management with Boundary

Here are my slides for the talk
VaultPass: Enabling Teams to Share Secrets Confidentially

Slides for the talk “Compliance At Scale Hardened Terraform Modules at Morgan Stanley”:

GitHub Developer First Application Security - HashiTalks2022

Massive Terraform Imports

Slides for Symmetric MultiCloud Architecture with HashiCorp Cloud Platform :

How Sunrise Banks Built a Symmetric Multi Cloud Architecture with Terraform & Vault

Slides for “Changing with HashiCorp at Mastercard Data and Services”

Slides for Meshery Adapter for Consul : The Meshery Adapter for HashiCorp Consul - Google Slides

Hi :wave:t5: Here are the slides for my talk “Exploring Hashicorp Vault and Argo CD - the GitOps Way”

Our slides on How HashiCorp SREs Built HCP’s Incident Management Program are available here