HCP Boundary Control Plane logs

When running my Control Plane through HCP, am I still able to output System Events logs where I can access them? Want to leverage the capabilities of HCP Boundary but need to leverage logs for monitoring and audit.

We have audit log streaming in beta for HCP Boundary – check out the audit log streaming docs for details.

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Thank you, I’m aware of that feature. A better question to ask is is there information in the system events logs that’d I’d get in OSS Boundary that will effect my administration of Boundary? My logic tells me no, since the events logs and their output seem like something HCP would care about and respond to, but I want to make sure my understanding is correct.

The Boundary OSS audit logs do output ‘system’ and ‘observation’ type events which would help you with monitoring your Boundary instance. In the case of HCP Boundary, the management of the cluster is performed by HashiCorp so the customer only receives the ‘audit’ type events if they configure their cluster for audit log streaming. Hope that helps.