HCP for non AWS users

Hi Everyone, is it possible to use Hashicorp Cloud Platform for non AWS users?
I mean from what I can see, the only possibility for you to access to it if you’re not an AWS user is to publish the service to internet but It’s not a recommended solution.


Currently, it is not possible to use the Hashicorp Cloud Platform without having an AWS account. We are planning a feature to enable this. Would you like to share your use-case and perhaps have a quick call with me, so I can understand the details?

Sajjad Lateef
Hashicorp Cloud Platform Product Management

Hi Sajjad,

Thanks for your answer.
I think it’s a pretty basic use case, having a consul + vault cluster reachable for a couple of IPs hosting a nomad cluster . I though adding an sg rule to the HCP ressource could be a decent solution but it’s kind of scary to not control that sg ^^
Feel free to contact me on private to schedule a call.



Thanks. We are tracking the feature - customer-managed “Allow List” for the HVN security group.

I cannot say when we will have that, but, I am hopeful it will be available soon.

I will update you when plans are committed.


Where can I follow for updates on this please Sajjad?

We are hosted on physical hardware around the world and have been struggling.on thie front. It’s extremely unintuitive and disappointing.

I don’t see any evidence of support yet having landed in Terraform Registry ?