HCP Vault "per-client" pricing


We are starting to look into potentially using HCP Vault, but I was quite discouraged by the pricing.

If I understand it correctly, the additional $0.158/h (~$113/mo) is per each individually authenticated entity that did any operation in Vault at any point during the billing month.

We are running a microservices setup, with plenty of small binaries doing various things. Each service runs with a dedicated Kubernetes SA, which would identify it as a “client in Vault”. With 100+ microservices, that’s 10K a month, which seems quite wild to me.

Is there anything I am misunderstanding here, or a better way to architect Vault access I am missing ? Or is this just what it takes to have managed Vault :slight_smile: ?

I can only say that vault enterprise uses the same pricing model. So I assume you are correct. In any case read out to the sales team.