How do I associate a Vagrant project directory with an existing VirtualBox VM?

Somehow my Vagrant project has disassociated itself from its VirtualBox VM, so that when I vagrant up Vagrant will import the base-box and create a new virtual machine.

Is there a way to re-associate the Vagrant project with the existing VM?

I did try some of the solutions from an old post on stackoverflow, but it did not work:

In VirtualBox Manager GUI I am able to start my VM in preview mode and log in.
I am running VirtualBox 6.1 on Windows 10 and In vagranfile I have multi-machine setup of two vm’s.

It is in project files .vagrant\machines\default .vagrant\machines\build
that is now emty.
The VM’s are still in my directory:
VirtualBox VMs\Vagrant_default_xxxx
VirtualBox VMs\Vagrant_build_xxxx

I did find out the solution:
To get the correct UUID with command
VBoxManage list vms, you have to be in folder C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox.
Now copy the UUID for your vm and paste it in the ID file in project files .vagrant\machines\default\ID