Importing a Vagrant made VMWare VM into VMWare

This is a continuation of an earlier post where I cannot make a second disk in VMWare provider. So I thought I will import the single disk Vagrant made VM into VMWare Workstation to make the second disk, but I cannot figure that out either. When you try to open an existing VM in VMWare it looks for a .vmx file. But Vagrant does not make that.

Attached are the only files existing for the VMWare VM made by Vagrant

Since the above post we also tried to create a stub VM in VMWare Workstation V15, and then use the VMDK disk made by Vagrant+VMWare_provider as the boot disk inside Workstation. All seemed well and then on boot it hung (see attached)

So for our shop we’ve come to the conclusion there is little value add in using the VMWare provider. Instead just keep using VirtualBox and when the time comes to move to ESX use the OVA export from VirtualBox, and import same into VSphere.