How does anyone use vagrant with AWS?

I’ve used vagrant for years, and been on teams using it for even longer. Pretty much always for use on AWS, and for development of some web app or cloud thing. AFAICT, this is a pretty common way to use vagrant, but there isn’t an actively supported plugin for AWS. Am I mistaken? Is the deprecated/archived aws plugin/github repo the thing to install? Are vagrant and AWS not a combination hashicorp recommend?

Hi… I wasn’t aware of the plugin, but I do code deployment from my Vagrant DEV instances in a flow order

  1. Code … Uses Vagrant to provision and run the dev environment
  2. Commits to the GitHub - Manual
  3. CI-CD workflow from GIT to reply to AWS EC2

Another way is to use CodeCommit in AWS. But as you say, using vagrant file and provider AWS


  1. Install Plugin

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-aws

  1. Vagrant up, with was provider

$ vagrant up --provider=aws

Sample Vagrant File