Vagrant Cloud is moving to HCP

We are excited to announce that Vagrant Cloud will move to HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) as the HCP Vagrant Registry soon!

HCP is a fully-managed platform offering HashiCorp products-as-a-service. The team has been working hard on the move this last year and we are happy to share a few of the improvements:

  • the entire Vagrant Cloud UI is refreshed.
  • the box search experience is improved.
  • we will no longer charge for private boxes.

We are weeks away from the HCP Vagrant Registry launch, in early May of this year. We will also be adding a migration tool in Vagrant Cloud to make it as easy as possible for users to move Vagrant Cloud organizations to HCP Vagrant Registry.

We will have more information on all the upcoming changes when HCP Vagrant Registry is publicly available.

For a sneak peak at the new UI, try the HCP Vagrant Discover page where users can currently search all of Vagrant Cloud!

What would the publishing commands look like? I previously used vagrant cloud publish ORGANIZATION/BOX-NAME VERSION PROVIDER-NAME [PROVIDER-FILE] which seems to no longer work after the migration to HCP.

Hi there,

A composite access token will is required and this page provides the information on how to generate it.


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Thank you! This shows me everything I need to know.