How to disable host integration plugins we aren't using

I observed this on a controller:

$ ps ajwwx |grep bound
      1  768260  768260  768260 ? -1 Ssl  996   9:58 /usr/bin/boundary server -config /etc/boundary.d/controller.hcl
 768260  768274  768260  768260 ? -1 Sl   996   0:00 /tmp/2958600982/boundary-plugin-host-aws
 768260  768288  768260  768260 ? -1 Sl   996   0:00 /tmp/3235726014/boundary-plugin-host-azure

This shows the two plugin processes started by the controller. I cannot find any documentation of how this is configured in the controller in any of these places:

How does one disable plugins which are not relevant to our configuration? E.g. if we’re in AWS how do we disable Azure, or both if we’re not using either?

Also, how would one move the plugins to somewhere other than /tmp? I’d rather have these exist in a directory visible only to boundary.

You can’t disable the plugins yet. We spin those out instead of hosting that code directly in the binary. So you’re not running more code than would otherwise be running, we’re just (starting to) packaging it differently. We’ll be working towards more user control of them over time. You can control the directory from the plugins stanza, see Plugins - Configuration | Boundary by HashiCorp