Boundary dev error initializing controller

Hi @all,

when I try to run boundary dev mode I get an error

Error initializing controller: error creating aws host plugin: error fetching kms plugin rpc client: fork/exec /tmp/527787608/boundary-plugin-host-aws-KEkAF: permission denied

My system is a on premise AlmaLinux 8.7 vm with Docker installed and running and I’m root.
Can someone help me on this?

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi, this error can happen when you don’t have executable access in the /tmp folder. You can try specifying a separate folder for the plugins using the execution_dir option: Plugins - Configuration | Boundary | HashiCorp Developer


Thanks for your fast response :slight_smile:
I created a new directory and successfully started dev mode pointing to this directory:

boundary dev -plugin-execution-dir=/tmp/boundary-plugins

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