Trying it for the first time

We are trying it for the first time and following the getting started -->

Actually, we are trying to setup single ec2 Boundary server, one ‘test’ app server and trying to run boundary connect ssh command. So the complete setup looks like this

User --> Boundary Server(standalone worker+controller) --> ‘test’ app server

The getting started guide is running everything on localhost which we don’t want to do and when trying to do the above getting following error:

$ boundary connect ssh -target-id ttcp_1234567890 -addr= -token at_xXxXxXxXxX
Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).

Could someone please redirect me to some resource/help where I can setup the above scenario?


That permission denied error is coming from SSH. It suggests that the boundary connection was successful but you’re lacking appropriate credentials.

If you need to pass extra args to SSH, you can add a double dash and whatever you want to the command above, e.g. -- -l jeff -vv. You can also simply run boundary connect and then use a normal ssh invocation from the command line against the listed address and port.

@yum-dev Regarding the question about not running on localhost, take a look at our reference architecture repo for common deployment methods on AWS or via Docker: