How to give my userpass account access to everything (root)?

Hello, I need sudo/root access to everythin with my account. I don’t care about security, I just need root policy, how to create it? I tried path "sys/*" but it doesn’t work throws

Ember Data Request GET /v1/sys/auth returned a 403 Payload (application/json) [object Object]

1 error occurred: * permission denied

I know I can’t assign “root” policy to userpass auth method, that’s why I’m trying to create similiar policy with sudo capabilities in all paths. I tried wildcard path “*” but it doesn’t work with sys too…

Can you provide the actual policy details you’ve tried?

The policy you’re looking to use should work and I just confirmed does in a dev server (v1.10.0).

path "*" {
  capabilities = ["create", "read", "update", "delete", "list", "sudo"]

If you’re using this for testing purposes that’s fine, but I would recommend being more diligent in non-testing/dev scenarios about what rights are being assigned to prevent potential misuse.

thank you but I already switched to lastpass because it allows unlimited password and chrome import