How to send test email in Amazon SES via Terraform?

How to send emails to corresponding email addresses hosted by Amazon SES using Terraform? Is it supported by Terraform? How to test email sending and monitoring | AWS Messaging & Targeting Blog

I have a doubt that Terraform itself does not provide direct support for simulating these following scenarios.

Successful delivery — The recipient’s email provider accepts your email. Bounce — The recipient’s email provider rejects your email with an SMTP 550 5.1.1 (“Unknown User”) response code. Complaint — The recipient’s email provider accepts your email and delivers it to the recipient’s inbox. Recipient address on suppression list — Amazon SES generates a hard bounce as if the recipient’s address is on the Amazon SES suppression list. Automatic responses — The recipient’s email provider accepts your email and delivers it to the recipient’s inbox. Custom — Use a recipient address of your own.

Terraform exists to manage the configuration of infrastructure - things that are logically created, sometimes updated, and deleted.

Triggering instantaneous actions - like sending an email - is simply not what Terraform is designed for. It would be like trying to put in a screw, using a hammer instead of a screwdriver.

To send a test email using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) via Terraform, you can follow these steps:

  1. Configure AWS credentials: Make sure you have configured your AWS access credentials on your local machine. This can be done worldbox mod apk by setting the AWS access key ID and secret access key as environment variables or by using a credentials file.
  2. Set up the SES configuration in Terraform: Create a Terraform configuration file (e.g., and define the SES resources. This includes creating an email template, an SES configuration set, and an SES identity (verified email address or domain).
  3. Define the test email configuration: Within your Terraform configuration, specify the necessary details for sending a test email. This includes the sender’s email address, the recipient’s email address, the subject, and the email body content.
  4. Create the Terraform resources: Run terraform init to initialize your Terraform configuration and then run terraform apply to create the necessary SES resources.
  5. Test email sending: Once the Terraform resources are created, you can test the email sending functionality. You can use the AWS CLI or SDKs to send the test email programmatically or use the AWS Management Console to send it manually.

Exploring email scenarios with Terraform and Amazon SES? While Terraform may not directly support simulating all scenarios, testing is crucial. Ensure successful delivery, handle bounces, complaints, suppression lists, Instagram and custom scenarios for a robust setup. Check out the AWS Messaging & Targeting Blog for insights.

To send a test email in Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) via Terraform, you can create a Terraform script that defines an SES identity, such as an email address or domain, and then configures and sends a test email.

First, use the aws_ses_domain_identity resource to define your SES domain identity. Then, create an aws_ses_template resource to set up an email template. Finally, use the aws_ses_email_identity resource to specify the source Scarlet app and destination email addresses for the test email. Include the aws_ses_email resource to send the actual email, specifying the sender, recipient, subject, and body. After defining these resources in your Terraform script, run terraform apply to create the SES configuration and send the test email. Ensure that your AWS credentials are configured properly and that your SES account is in the appropriate region.