HPC-NOW: A cross-platform, multi-cloud High-Performance Computing platform powered by Terraform

Hi Terraformers,

zhenrong-wang/hpc-now: A cross-platform, multi-cloud High-Performance Computing platform (github.com)

We developed a powerful cross-platform, multi-cloud HPC service (named “HPC-NOW”) powered by Terraform. Please check the code repo above.

With HPC-NOW, HPC users can create, manage, and connect to cloud clusters in minutes, in a unified and simple way.

Thanks to Terraform, the HPC-NOW currently supports 7 public cloud service providers:

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Alibaba Cloud
Huawei Cloud
Tencent Cloud
Baidu BCE Cloud

Meanwhile, users can run HPC-NOW on x86_64 devices with Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux distros, and macOS.

Looking forward to communicating with the Terraform community.

Zhenrong WANG
Co-Founder of Shanghai HPC-NOW Technologies Co.,Ltd

We’d love to share some of our practices of Terraform, Terraform providers, as well as HCL. The project is also in development. If you are interested in this project, please comment to this post, or check the code repo (fork, build, and issues are welcomed) and join this project.