Practice: Build Cloud High-Performance Computing Platform Powered by Terraform

Hi Terraform Community,

This is Zhenrong WANG, the founder of Shanghai HPC-NOW Technologies Co., Ltd ( Sorry the language of our website is still Chinese). I am creating this topic to share a little bit of our practice powered by Terraform.

Our company aims to empower technological innovations (such as biology, chemistry, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics and aeronautics, advanced material development, and others) by building and delivering a Cloud High-Performance Computing platform to research teams all over the world. For decades, computing capability has been the bottleneck for research and innovation teams. In order to do numerical simulations and computing, these teams either have to purchase and maintain on-premise clusters which are always not powerful or scalable enough for their fast-growing workloads, or have to request resources from supercomputing centers and wait in queues. Cloud computing, there are possibilities for these teams to acquire the latest CPUs, GPUs, large-volume RAM, fast and almost infinite storage.

However, cloud computing is not easy for these teams to use - in most cases, almost impossible for those who don’t have cloud knowledge or practices to get started. The complexity of cloud computing services really blocks these teams out from the most advanced and scalable computing capabilities.

With the really powerful Terraform, HPC-NOW is making a difference. We’ve built up a cross-platform service by development based on the natively cross-platform Terraform. By developing preprocessing programs and functions, the HPC-NOW services are able to easily drive terraform to flexibly build, scale, reconfigure, and destroy cloud high-performance stacks. Within these stacks, we also provide our own software service and opendata service, which really simplify the use of High-Performance Computing.

Through our effort, we are proving that Terraform not only empowers resource management and operations, but also has great potential for domain-specific applications and business-critical products.

I’d like to thank the Terraform community sincerely, and if possible, I’d be glad to share more about our technologies - the architecture, the templates, and the codes in detail. With the open-source spirit, we are also planning to initiate an open-source project recently.

Very glad to join the Terraform community.

Zhenrong WANG @ HPC-NOW
Founder of Shanghai HPC-NOW Technologies Co., Ltd