HUG Content: Terraform Code Organization & Infrastructure Pipelines

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We created some 45-minute presentations and demos for HashiConf digital that would make great content for presenting at a HUG. Below are the slides and hosted-terminal scenarios for each topic, as well as the Learn guide so that attendees can try the materials themselves after the event!

Presentation suggestion:

  1. Present the slides
  2. Demo the scenario in the hosted terminal
  3. Send out the tutorial after the meetup for users to try at home

Link Kubernetes, Consul, and Vault Workspaces

Create a Consul-backed Vault cluster on Kubernetes with Terraform. Use data resources and Terraform Cloud run triggers to pass information between workspaces and automatically trigger infrastructure updates when a source workspace changes.

Organize Configuration Across Environments

Deploy development and production versions of an S3-hosted static website. Separate their configuration into files, directories, and workspaces, and explore the architectural trade-offs of each approach.

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