Importing Existing New Relic Dashboards into Terraform

We are using Terraform to make scaling our New Relic dashboards easier and more uniform. This is because we will need to recreate all of our existing dashboards (currently a few dozen, though we are merging many into paginated NR1 boards) each time we spin up a new client in a new product region. As a result, I wish to avoid writing code for each existing dashboard and was hoping to find a way to import an existing NR1 dashboard into Terraform.

At the very bottom of the Example Usage: Create a New Relic One Dashboard, almost as a footnote, the documentation mentions New Relic dashboards can be imported using their GUID. Well, this was only slightly useful as NR1 dashboards do not appear to have GUIDs. I was able to import an Insights dashboard before they went away, but could not figure out how to get at the code, which was of course the whole point.

Is this possible, or will we have to code and test each of our existing dashboards? Thank you for your time.