New Relic Dashboard - configuring the Data Format Type attribute

I’m building dashboards using the following basic terraform element:
widget_billboard {
title = “”
row = 1
column = 1
height = 3
width = 3
nrql_query {
query = “SELECT count(message) as xxxx”
This produces a widget with a default Data Format Type of ‘Original Format’ which displays counts as *k (i.e. * thousand, e.g. “343k”). I can manually edit the widget to have Type of Number, to display the actual count (e.g. “343,210”), but cannot find anything to say how to configure this within the terraform. Can anyone help please?

Some guys reported that multiplying by *1 solves the problem.
query = “SELECT count(message)*1 as xxxx”

Thank you tbugfinder, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work for me. Any other suggestions please?