Increase secret version history


I I am using secret engine type kv version2.
Currently for every secret I have versioning enabled and can see 10 versions in my History. So I can only see the last 10 versions. I would like to see more.

How can I increase the history to 50 ?

You need to configure the secret mount to what you want if other than default of 10. See docs - KV - Secrets Engines - HTTP API | Vault by HashiCorp

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Thanks. So this can only be done using an API call ? No way to do this via command line or Terraform ?

Anything in the API should be transferrable to the CLI by adding the key/value of the config option to the cli.
You probably need to go thru Versioned Key/Value Secrets Engine | Vault - HashiCorp Learn to understand how the CLI and all works around KV.

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