Installing Terraform on a Raspberry PI

Hi all, I’m a new Terraform user and I am trying to go through the tutorials. I wanted to use my PI to practice but every attempt I have made to install Terraform has failed. apt install terraform fails saying it can’t locate a package. So I attempted to compile from the git repository per these instructions. That failed as well. I had to install Go on my PI so I’m unsure if that was done correctly.

So I’m curious if it is even possible to get TF installed on my PI. If so, could someone give me a bit of guidance?



OK so I found a site that allowed me to install TF. I was hesitant at first to use it because I was not aware of what Snap was. But it worked and I’m good to go. Although, some insight as to why apt install would not work would be helpful.

Try this download:

Terraform Versions | HashiCorp Releases will show you more releases. just beside to grab a _linux_arm file for the Pi.

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There are no official packages available for other architectures, such as arm64 . If you wish to use Terraform on a non-amd64 system, download a normal release .zip file instead.

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