IONOS S3 User with Buckets

iam new in Terraform and try to create some scripts that can reduce the time of work for us.
The Situation is this:
We want to create a User with a with a active S3 storage key and after the creation the script should create the buckets we want.

My script looks like this:

terraform {
#Konfiguration des Provider
required_providers {
ionoscloud = {
source = “ionos-cloud/ionoscloud”
version = “6.3.2”
#Zugang zum Cloud Provider
provider “ionoscloud” {
username = “account”
password = “password”
#Benutzer wird angelegt
resource “ionoscloud_user” “Test2” {
first_name = “Test2”
last_name = “vonvielen”
email = “
password = “abc123-321CBA”
administrator = false
force_sec_auth = true
active = true

resource “ionoscloud_s3_key” “Test3” {
user_id =
active = true

The script creates the user with a storage key but this key is not active so i added the port unter the user creation and it will create a new storage key and this key is active, but now i got one key thats active and one keys thats disabled and need manually do delete the first key.
Is it possible to create a user without a key, or can i activate the key when i create my user?

And how would you now create a bucket?

Is it also possible that i can get the storage key and other credentials i need for using the bucket in a file? So i dont need to access the ionos site to copy the bucket name and storage key?

I hope you understand what i mean and hopefully its a bit clear what i mean.

Thanks so much