Is it possible to implement a static (html+js) web app that uses vault?

Vault already has all the features I need as a backend:

  • secrets engine
  • policies to allow different types of usage (read, write, create …)
  • OIDC and/or SAML auth, so my users can authenticate

I’d just like to implement a simple UI for a very specific use-case, so that my (simpler) users don’t have to navigate through the whole Vauit UI. The http api would be enough for my use-case, so ideally it would be possible to implement it in pure html+js.

Now I can implement this in a python web app too, but then I’d need to:

  • register my app as the saml/oidc client, and implement the auth again
  • have to audit and get approvals of my app
  • host the application

So my question is, if there is any way to integrate a pure html+javascript web interface with Vault?

You should be able to do nearly everything in Vault via the rest api -
So your app can hit that, but there’s a bit of wrangling for token mgmt and persistence with just js code that might be challenging.