Is there a way to have fine grained control over scaling down?

I’ve been looking at nomad as an option for running a Minecraft server at scale, but I’ve not been able to figure out how exactly I would control scaling down. By this I mean, I want to be able to go from say 200 servers to 150 but be in control of which 50 servers are removed and also shut them down myself so nomad doesn’t just kill a server that currently has players on it. The closest think I’ve been able to find is stopping specific instances through the allocations api, but these are just rescheduled straight away.

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Hi @david-cooke, that is a really interesting use case. Unfortunately, as you point out, this is not exactly possible yet and would require enhancements within Nomad core. I do think it’s worth discussing further, so I will open a GitHub issue detailing this use case.

Edit: here is the opened issue, please feel free to add comments or reactions, community support really helps with feature requests: scaling: specify allocations for removal when performing scale in actions · Issue #10056 · hashicorp/nomad · GitHub

jrasell and the Nomad team

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