Is Waypoint can handle monorepo (w/ Bazel)?

We have a monorepo which uses Bazel, we would like to know if we could easily use Waypoint with GitHub Actions ? If so, do you have any resources or documentations on how to achieve that ?
Thanks !

@scorsi Yes, there are Github Actions for Waypoint and related documentation. One of those examples shows how code on non-main branches would trigger a waypoint build and waypoint deploy. If committed to the main branch (whatever branch designates your production deployment), then waypoint release is invoked.

There is not yet a Build plugin for Bazel. Can you describe a bit about your envisioned workflow for how it all comes together?

Hello, thanks for your answer.

Sorry I wasn’t clear in my question… Can I create multiple waypoint file in multiple directories (in the same git repository) triggered by GitHub Action using only one workflow ? I have a monorepo, with multiple projects to build/test/deploy :slight_smile:

I will take a look on how to create a Waypoint build plugin (for Bazel) and then try to make it one open-sourced. The idea is to be able to build, deploy using Bazel and Waypoint… I don’t know in which direction Bazel triggering Waypoint or vice-versa.

Yes, you can have multiple waypoint files in a single VCS source repo. It’s not the common model, but waypoint supports it fine.