Issue while authenticating user on boundary on dev environment


We are getting the below-pasted error while authenticating a user under boundary:


boundary authenticate password -auth-method-id=ampw_1234567890 -login-name=jeff -password=admin@123 -keyring-type=none -format=json | jq -r “.token” > boundary_token.txt

Error from controller when performing authentication:
Error information:
Code: Unauthenticated
Message: Unable to authenticate.
Status: 401

Hi there, can you verify that your login-name and password for the target are correct? I was able to authenticate with the default username and pw for the generated auth method (which you’re using here).

I did notice that we’re warning with setting keyring to none, and that will cause jq to fail.

Hi Malnick,

Thank you for your response.

I was able to do this for admin user, when I am trying with the normal user. I am getting this error

ampw_1234567890 is the default admins auth-method-id
Please check the auth-method-id which includes the user jeff its should be different than default one.

let me check @maxinjohn let me do it