Issue with migration of terraform provider (as developer)

I also contacted the registry support e-mail with the same issue but maybe there is a solution outside of the official support.

I recently migrated the provider HanseMerkur/foreman to a new
organization in github at terraform-coop/foreman. This was done by
adding a final notice in the provider in version 0.5.2 and then on
Github by moving the repository to the new organization after which I
re-registered the new provider location with a new GPG key. What I
didn’t notice what that the provider downloads statically link back to
the old location.

So I forked the repository back to its old location but the GPG keys are
now gone so I created and registered another key for the release 0.5.2
and resynced the release. The hashsums are apparently cached so that
didn’t work.

According to the documentation the re-sync repository function should add the webhook back into the repository. But I assume the it adds the webhook to the original repository via id which is now under new ownership. So new releases like 0.5.3 are not added to the list and re-syncing probably also works on the repository id and scans the new location instead of the old one.

Is there anything left I could I try?

Hi @lhw,

I forwarded your request to the Terraform Registry team, and they told me that the registry tracks the relationship to GitHub repositories using the repository ID rather than the repository name, as you suspected, and so moving the repository to a new location left it still connected in Terraform Registry.

A member of the team has relinked from HanseMerkur/foreman to HanseMerkur/terraform-provider-foreman so that the registry’s sync mechanism can now work again.

Can you try what you were trying again now and let me know if it’s working better after that change? Thanks!

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Hi @apparentlymart,
I checked just now and 0.5.3 did appear in the list and does work which is great. Users can now upgrade to the new provider name. Thank you so much.

0.5.2 and 0.5.1 still appear in the list as existing and are not deleted on re-sync. But that might be intentional. I’ll just remove the files from the github releases so that they throw 404 instead of signature errors.