Issue with terraform init command on windows and linux

I’m trying to run terraform init and I’m getting the following error:

Similar errors I’m getting on my linux VM:

The version of terraform on both VMs:


Any help will be appreciated as we are trying to evaluate Terraform for managing K8s clusters in Azure and AWS.

Thank you,

As the errors mention there are no versions of the two providers listed for your platform (Windows). Each provider is responsible for making their own packages, so you are best off requesting Windows versions via their GitHub pages. Alternatively you could build Windows versions yourself using their build instructions.

Hi @antoniantonov,

Are you actually using a 32-bit CPU? The “386” (32-bit x86) architecture has been obsolete for some time now so I expect that some provider developers are choosing not to create builds for that architecture.

If your computer has a 64-bit CPU then I suggest using the “amd64” builds of Terraform CLI instead, which will then in turn try to install 64-bit provider builds. (AMD64 is the nickname for 64-bit x86 because AMD is the company that originally designed this architecture.)

I expect that over time fewer providers will have 32-bit releases available, because 64-bit x86 and ARM are both relatively common at this point and the 32-bit architectures used mainly for special situations like embedded systems.

Hi @apparentlymart ,
Thank you for your response!

Yes, I it’s 64bit architecture. I didn’t consider the AMD, but will try it out. That makes sense.
I got it running on one of my Linux VMs by installing apt installing the package vs. downloading it. So, not blocked any more, but will be nice to have my Windows VM running as well.