Issuse with latest version terraform 0.12.13

Hi @vashokkumar!

It looks like Terraform was trying to create its .terraform directory where it caches the downloaded provider plugins and modules, but the underlying operating system returned an error.

If you run mkdir .terraform from that same directory, do you still get an error or does it succeed in making the directory C:\Users\ashok\Documents\terraform19\helloworld\.terraform ?

Same Issue was repeat any OS architecture issue i am using windows 10 64-bit Operating System,X64 based Processor it has Saying error terraform\plugin\windows_amd64 In terraform

website windows_amd64 version is there but it willl support only AMD Based operating Sysytem.

Kindly Solve this issue as soon as possible.

with regard

Ashok Kumar V

Hi @vashokkumar,

In the bottom right of some of your screenshots I see a popup message saying the following:

Unauthorized changes blocked: Controlled folder access blocked terraform.exe from making changes. Click to see settings.

I’m not deeply familiar with that Windows Defender feature, but it seems like your system settings are blocking Terraform from populating the .terraform directory. Based on the documentation I was able to find (linked above) it seems like you must either add Terraform to the approved list of trusted software or you must place your Terraform configuration directory somewhere else on your system that isn’t configured as a “Controlled Folder”.

If this is a work computer, possibly this setting is imposed by your organization’s policies, so you may need to seek assistance from administrators in your company and see which approach they would prefer you take to use Terraform within that environment.

Terraform expects to be able to create, update, and delete directories and files under the .terraform subdirectory within your configuration as part of the work of terraform init. Depending on how you have Terraform configured, it may expect to create other files within the configuration directory, such as a terraform.tfstate file to store the Terraform state on local disk if you have not configured remote state storage.