Login as admin in docker-compose fresh install

I just install a fresh Boundary stack by docker-compose following this. I can’t log in as admin. Please help!

I think that Docker Compose file is using an old version of Boundary from before some login method changes were made. What version of the Boundary Docker image shows for your current running containers?

First of all, very thanks for your help!
Actually, the compose here use an old version. I changed the image tag to 0.6.1.

I think is working fine, but my problem is with the unhealthy status. Now I’m trying to connect and authenticate remotely:

# boundary authenticate password -addr= -auth-method-id=ampw_lRUuGem6CM -login-name=jeff -password=foofoofoo -keyring-type=none                                   
Error trying to perform authentication: error performing client request during Authenticate call: Post "": remote error: tls: internal error

# boundary connect -addr= -target-id=ttcp_W6n3ccMpBD -keyring-type=none -tls-insecure
Error trying to authorize a session against target: error performing client request during AuthorizeSession call: Post "": remote error: tls: internal error

What about this error?

The Boundary config used with the Docker compose reference sets tls_disable on all the listeners. If you didn’t change that, try setting your BOUNDARY_ADDR environment variable to the same URL but with http:// instead of https://.