Multiple simultaneous "runs" in different workspaces on Terraform Cloud

I’m looking for the ability to have DIFFERENT workspaces execute “runs” at the same time. I understand you wouldn’t want simultaneous runs in the SAME workspace but “runs” from all workspaces seem to get queued if there’s already a “run” happening in one workspace.

From this screen shot in a Terraform blog post it seems like it is possible to have multiple runs executing at once in different workspaces. Is this something you just have to pay more for?

Found this in the pricing section of the Terraform Cloud docs.
What’s the difference between Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise?

Terraform Enterprise is offered as a private installation. It is designed to suit the needs of organizations including more features (audit logging, SSO/SAML), more customization (private networking), better performance (job scaling), and higher levels of support.

Terraform Cloud is offered as a multi-tenant SaaS platform and is designed to suit the needs of smaller teams and organizations. It is limited to one run at a time, which prevents users from executing multiple runs concurrently.