Needed to know EOL for terraform version 0.14

When is the EOL/deprecation for terraform version 0.14 ?

I’m not aware of any extended support guarantees for 0.x versions ever being issued, so I guess you could say 0.14 was EOL/deprecated the moment 0.15 was released - meaning it has been EOL/deprecated for over 2 years now.

Hi @tweety142427,

Terraform v0.14 is already obsolete.

Unfortunately the definition of “EOL” is complicated. From a development perspective Terraform v0.14 is EOL because the Terraform team at HashiCorp has no plans to release any new versions of it, and because provider teams tend not to test with it when they release new provider versions and so it could potentially be broken in ways that only users of this obsolete version will detect.

However, if you are a Terraform Cloud or Terraform Enterprise customer with a support contract or various other situations where there is a special agreement between your organization and HashiCorp then you might still be entitled to some level of support with older Terraform CLI versions. I cannot see individual support contracts so I cannot give specifics.

Aside from those specific unusual situations, pre-1.0 versions of Terraform are already end of life and have been for several years.