Terraform 0.12 end-of-life?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone of you know when Terraform 0.12 will reach its EOL?

More generally, is there a matrix of supported Terraform versions (with release- and eol-dates) to be found somewhere?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Hi @foofoo-2,

Unfortunately the answer to this question depends on what you mean by “supported”.

For development purposes, Terraform v0.12 has already reached end of life in the sense that the Terraform team is not planning any further development for that release line. New features and bug fixes will not generally be backported to v0.12. The usual policy at present is that the Terraform Core team is at any given time developing new features in one release and backporting critical bug fixes to the one release before it. With the release of Terraform v0.14 this week we’re currently at a point of transition, but in the near future – once things settle from the v0.14 release – new feature development will be targeting v0.15 and criticial bug fixes will backport to v0.14. (There are notable exceptions from time to time for pragmatic reasons, but I’m just covering the broad policy here.)

However, the situation is different if “support” means Terraform Cloud/Enterprise customer support. If that’s the meaning you had in mind, I’d suggest discussing that with the relevant support team because they will be able to give a more specific answer than I could (as someone who works primarily on the open source projects) about what is covered under support contracts at each level.

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