Nil pointer evaluating interface {}.region

In my template,

[[ template "region" . ]]

when I run nomad-pack run ., it returns with the message

nil pointer evaluating interface {}.region

This is how it looks in my _region.tpl,

[[- define "region" -]]
[[- if not (eq .gitlab_runner.region "") -]]
    region = [[ .gitlab_runner.region | quote]]
[[- end -]]
[[- end -]]

Any ideas on how to go from here? Repo: gitlab-runner-nomad-pack/packs/gitlab_runner at main · builtbyeleven/gitlab-runner-nomad-pack · GitHub

Hi @kennith.leung :wave:

Sorry you hit this, it seems like a bug in Nomad Pack.

Would you mind opening an issue in our repo so we can better track this?

Thank you!

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