Nomad 0.12.9, 0.11.8, and 0.10.9 released

Nomad 0.12.9, 0.11.8, and 0.10.9 have been released to address a regression introduced in Nomad 0.12.8, 0.11.7, and 0.10.8. The regression unintentionally broke interpolating the NOMAD_ALLOC_DIR, NOMAD_TASK_DIR, and NOMAD_SECRETS_DIR variables into the source parameter of template stanzas.

For example the following template stanza:

template {
    source = "${NOMAD_TASK_DIR}/foo/src"
    destination = "${NOMAD_SECRETS_DIR}/foo/dst"

Would result in the allocation failing with the following task event:

template source path escapes alloc directory

Nomad 0.12.9, 0.11.8, and 0.10.9 fix this regression and now allow sourcing templates by interpolating those variables.

This release only applies to client agents. Server agents do not need to be upgraded and are identical to the previous release.


0.12.9 Binaries -

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