Nomad 1.0.0-beta3 released

The Nomad team is excited to announce a new pre-release: Nomad 1.0-beta3. Given the significance of version 1.0, please expect a longer-than-normal pre-release period. We are excited to work with our users to make Nomad 1.0 the best release of Nomad ever!

Please do not hesitate to file a Github issue or post on Discuss with any bugs, feature requests, or questions you have about Nomad 1.0 changes.

Improvements in beta3 since beta2:

  • PostStop: Tasks can now run after all other tasks have finished [GH-8194]
  • acl: Allow operators with namespace:dispatch-job capability to force periodic job invocation [GH-9205]
  • build: Updated to Go 1.15.5. [GH-9345]
  • cli: Added autocompletion for recommendation commands [GH-9317]
  • driver/docker: Support pinning tasks to specific CPUs with cpuset_cpus option. [GH-8291]

Bug fixes in beta3 since beta2:

  • agent (Enterprise): Fixed a bug where audit logging caused websocket and streaming http endpoints to fail [GH-9319]
  • core: Fixed a bug where ACL handling prevented cross-namespace allocation listing [GH-9278]
  • core: Fixed a bug where scaling policy filtering would ignore type query if job query was present [GH-9312]
  • core: Fixed a bug where a request to scale a job would fail if the job was not in the default namespace. [GH-9296]
  • client: Fixed an fingerprinter issue detecting bridge kernel module [GH-9299]
  • client: Fixed an issue with the Java fingerprinter on macOS causing pop-up notifications when no JVM installed. [GH-9225]
  • client: Fixed an issue in processing device plugin fingerprints which would temporarily hang nomad if no devices were found [GH-9311]
  • client: Fixed an in-place upgrade bug, where a Nomad client may fail to manage tasks that were started with pre-0.9 Nomad client. [GH-9304]
  • consul: Fixed a bug where canary_meta was not being interpolated with environment variables [GH-9096]
  • consul: Fixed a bug that caused connect sidecars to be re-registered in Consul every 30 seconds [GH-9330]
  • driver/raw_exec: Fixed a bug where raw_exec attempts to create a freezer cgroups for the tasks even when no_cgroups is set. [GH-9328]

Nomad 1.0 includes a number of exciting new features:

  • Dynamic Application Sizing (Enterprise) - Nobody likes tuning the resources stanza. It requires running an app under load, observing it, and then estimating requirements. Dynamic Application Sizing automates that by monitoring task resource utilization and making recommendations for an operator to approve or deny.
  • Event Stream - Inspired by the excellent nomad-firehose project and years of user feedback, Nomad is excited to introduce first class event stream support. There are a number of performance and usability tradeoffs to consider, so user feedback is appreciated!
  • HCL2 - Nomad’s HCL support is now in line with Terraform and other HashiCorp products. HCL2 adds powerful new features to jobspecs, so please don’t hesitate to submit feature requests and report backward compatibility issues.
  • Namespaces Open Sourced - The community asked and HashiCorp listened. Namespaces are now free and open source.
  • PostStop (New in beta3!) - Tasks can now run after all other tasks have finished.
  • Topology Visualization (UI) - See all datacenter, node, and allocation information in one place. We hope this tool dramatically improves operators’ sense of cluster utilization, so please submit feedback.

Our E2E test suite has also received a huge amount of attention with the hope of making Nomad 1.0 and every future release the most reliable Nomad releases ever. The test suite is open source and uses Terraform. Please feel free to try it out yourself!

There’s a lot of other improvements and fixes in Nomad 1.0. Please see the blog post or changelog for details.

While the beta is not intended for production use, upgrading existing development clusters is an appreciated source of testing. Please read the upgrade guide for backward incompatibilities and remember that downgrading is not supported.


The Nomad Team

1.0.0-beta3 Binaries -

1.0.0-beta3 Changelog -

1.0.0-beta Upgrade Guide -

1.0.0-beta Blog -



Is there a APT repository for beta?
I could not find any references:

Hi @ieugen,

There is a test repository which can provide the pre-release versions. This can be added to your machine via the following command:

$ sudo apt-add-repository "deb [arch=amd64] $(lsb_release -cs) test"

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any followup questions.

jrasell and the Nomad team.