Nomad 1.6.3 released!

The Nomad team is pleased to announce Nomad v1.6.3, a bug fix release that contains various enhancements and improvements to Nomad.

Some key highlights for this release include:

  • For CSI plugins that support it, Nomad now enables the dynamic expansion of CSI volumes
  • The nomad server force-leave sub command now supports a -prune option

And some of the bug fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug where NOMAD_ALLOC_INDEX would not always be unique within a single Nomad service job version
  • Fixed a bug where max_client_disconnect would ignore a no-reschedule policy
  • Fixed a bug where evaluations associated with quotas would not unblock when resources became available
  • Fixed a bug where CPU performance metrics could report negative values
  • Fixed a bug where timezone data was not being loaded on Windows platforms

Please refer to the changelog for the complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

Please read the upgrade guide for backward incompatibilities and remember that downgrading is not supported, and do not hesitate to file an issue on Github.

Along with Nomad v1.6.3, we’re also releasing Nomad v1.5.10 and Nomad v1.4.14 with a long list of backported bug fixes. Refer to their changelogs for more details.


The Nomad Team

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