Nomad 1.6.2 Released

The Nomad team is excited to announce Nomad 1.6.2!

Major new features in Nomad 1.6.2 include:

  • New Consul Service Mesh configuration: Add support for destination peer, destination type, local bind socket path, and local bind socket mode in upstream block.
  • Allow templates to re-render on task restart: Add new parameter render_templates for restart block to allow explicit re-render of templates on task restart.
  • Support multiple cron expressions: Add crons field for multiple cron expressions in periodic jobs.
  • Nomad UI: Add new Variables page to all job pages.

Please refer to the changelog for all of the enhancements and bug fixes.

Please read the upgrade guide for backward incompatibilities and remember that downgrading is not supported, and do not hesitate to file an issue on Github.

Along with Nomad 1.6.2, we’re also releasing Nomad 1.5.9 and Nomad 1.4.13 with a long list of backported bug fixes. Refer to their changelogs for more details.


The Nomad Team

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